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The Place you make your home


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How lovely is the place you make your home,
How lovely, O Beloved!
My soul aches, it keens with desire
To sit in your presence
My heart and my very flesh singing for joy
To you, the God who is Alive!

And even for this little brown bird a home
A nest for herself, made in your house
Where her young are fed
At the very altars of the Almighty
At the dwelling place of the King

Happy is she who lives with you
Who nests with you, singing your praise!

She is happy and strong with your strength
For in her very heart is the pathway
The road going home.
So that when she walks through the wilderness
Living waters gush forth
The rain comes with her footsteps
With her comes the God of gods

O Beloved, hear my prayer
Listen to me, O God of Miriam,
Of Esther, of Naomi!
Be my covering, O God,
Look on the face of one you anointed!

For better is one day in your house
Trusting in your favour,
Your honour
Your generous love
Than thousands elsewhere


My God in the Hidden Places


My God in the hidden places,
Beautiful Beloved,
Your heart is pure.
I wait, You will come
Even into this mess
For me
For you desire it
And I will not fight it.
Provide for me a safe place
And enough
Undo my holding on.
I give up. I am Yours.
Those who hurt me
are yours too.
You will deal with them.
I am letting go
I am running to
the shadow of Your wings,
Your deliverance – don’t
let me get in the way of myself!
For I am Yours
And this is Yours
Forever and ever. Amen.


Where the heart is

leaf in the wilderness

They say
Home is where the heart is

But you,
Oh Wanderer,
You have neither a fox hole nor a nest
You live, and fight, and love in the wilderness

And as for this wonderer
All I know is that I am yours

Where your heart is
Let mine be there too
Where you go, let me follow

Oh I’ll follow
On Eagle’s wings
Or else on my knees

I’ll follow
Under the cold waters
Into the starlight

All of these things I hold
Let the wind take them
Let the howling foxes take them
Let the mother hens take them

Let me drink you like water in the desert
Let me in
Let me in
Let me in
Let me be
In you, you in me.


My beloved spoke and said to me, ‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one,
come with me!’
Song of Solomon 2:10

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