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Lost in Wonder

Today was a strange day. I woke up as usual and started my morning routine. I did my Bible study  and drank my morning coffee. I fed the cat and went to get dressed.

I sat on my bed and felt suddenly sleepy. I lay down and slept almost straight away, and I dreamt.

Washing in and out of sleep became waves and I was under the waves desperate for air. The waves were deep blue like the Mediterranean.


(Photo credit: crashoverreason)

I looked up at the surface of the water and saw a buoy. I reached for it and was pulled out of the water. I looked around for a boat to save me. The buoy barely holding me out of the water, I was still alternately under the waves and then in the air, pulling in oxygen.

But before I knew it I was washing up on the shore instead. As I lay palms down on the sand gasping for air I knew he was coming.
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