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I “came out” as a Christian in 2003 and as queer  in 2004, aged sixteen and seventeen respectively. I began this blog in 2012 to try to express the way I feel about the clash between these different identities, and others. “Middle Ground” was the closest term I could find, though I’m not at all always sure that “compromise” is really possible. I am interested in the ways in which minority groups like LGBT and Christians are portrayed by and to each other. I am a PhD student at Durham University and here again, my interest in “the middle” can be seen – here the Middle Ages, and its strange hybrid creatures, which I will visit occasionally  in this blog.

I am in a civil partnership with a beautiful and creative woman who is an artist and a fellow believer. We live  in a tiny ex-miner’s house in a small village outside of Durham and have a large collection of books. I was in ministry with and for LGBT Christians at an inclusive church called Northern Lights MCC in Newcastle for seven years which was an immense blessing. Now I am exploring faith and finding my feet back in the mainstream Evangelical church along with my partner. Hope to blog lots more about that!

You can follow me on Twitter @C_S_Norton

6 thoughts on “About Author

  1. Interesting stuff here. I like the name “Middle Ground” – that’s where life happens, in the middle. We are all in the middle of something in life. Good luck in your quest to get closer to God. From what little I’ve read of this blog, you seem to be bravely seeking to find His will for your life. I hope you do! Also, sorry for the “churchy phrases”. Sometimes as a Christian I find they have been so ingrained I struggle for better words, but can’t find them…

  2. coarseheart says:

    I think what you’re doing here is awesome and necessary. You’re Christian and you’re homosexual, and you’re writing about it. I don’t know why you do it but I want to encourage you in what you’re doing. It takes a lot of courage. I know you’ve found a church that accepts homosexuality, but many have not found a place where they belong and where people will walk alongside them. I can’t even begin to imagine or put myself in their shoes as they try to figure out themselves and their faith. I won’t pretend to know what they go through on a daily basis. But it’s blogs like this that give people hope. Hope that maybe they could be accepted somewhere, and that they don’t need to “pray the gay away” in order to be saved or in order for God to love them. So thank you for having the courage to give others courage and hope by sharing your own life and struggles. 🙂

    • Thank you, coarseheart. I think I do it because I needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings about all kinds of things. It is always interesting to see how people get here – search engine terms and so on. I do hope that the blog sometimes makes a difference and gives someone hope 🙂

  3. Charlotte, I’m so glad to have landed on your blog! I got here via Registered Runaway, who included you on a list of LGBTQ bloggers to read (http://www.registeredrunaway.com/2013/08/29/lgbtqs-are-people-and-christians-and-like-to-blog/). So interested to learn that you live in Durham – I do too! Really enjoying reading your writing – it’s so compassionate.

    • Hi Fiona, thank you for looking me up! I hope you find Middle Ground interesting (it’s really a random collection of my thoughts and memories and experiences with some aspirations to poetry and storytelling and a bit of teaching thrown in!) Nice to know there are other Durhamites around!

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