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What is Middle Ground?

  • Middle Ground is the space “in-between” positions, “in-between” opposites in an argument.
  • It is not “all or nothing”
  • It is an uncomfortable place to exist.
  • Sometimes it is rich ground for growth, maturity and understanding.
  • Sometimes it is the ground where nothing grows. The wilderness over which the Holy Spirit howls.
  • It is also the term for the space in-between the foreground and the background of a painting or photo.

middle ground • middle child • Middle Ages • middle dot • middle class • middle finger

Click here for my first blog post – Why the Middle?

Most of the photos I use in this blog (including the header) are taken by me, with some noted exceptions.

4 thoughts on “About Blog

  1. Cecilia says:

    Hi Charlotte. Very interesting perspective on many issues. I think above the being Christian, there is the whole British thing, where of course we should not be remotely proud of ourselves and should really muddle along in some kind of grey cloud of shambling mediocrity.

    Pride is certainly changing. It has gone from being a protest movement to becoming almost part of the festival scene. This throws up interesting questions for the lgbt community about embracing being part of mainstream society or still needing a separate space and identity.

    I look forward to more of your thinking.

  2. […] halfway between extremes; an area or position of moderation or possible compromise. HomeAbout Aug 01 2012 Leave a comment By standingonmiddleground Art, […]

  3. Gavin Louch says:

    This is an excellent forum because we are often confronted with a prevailing ‘all or nothing’ attitude in society and by extension a culture of ‘winners and losers’; ‘capitalism vs socialism’; ‘theism or atheism’ et al and there is not much quarter allowed for a third way or alternatives as propounded via this blog of middle ground which calls for more lateral thinking and problem solving or the pursuance of issues to engage more creatively ideas , thoughts and theories. By opting for a limited choice of bipolar opposites scope for more open ended debate and exploration would seem to be shut down and this becomes unfortunate as we can thereby be less informed and ultimately short changed intellectually, spiritually and even morally. Middle Ground is thus of value as we endeavour to make sense of our lives, the God entity, and world around us.

  4. Mary bradley says:

    This is a great blog v interesting read n full of wisdom growth and personal experience..keep it up and may your journey continue to be full of surprises and joy

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