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Prepare – Advent Post #2

Before preparing to change the world, look around your own house three times.
Chinese Proverb

I am back after a week spent in Durham and have been flung into Christmas preparations. Normally Christmas at my mum’s house is my immediate family and Hannelie, but this year the Groblers and Nortons are joining forces and what with that plus some waifs and strays, there will be ten people sitting down for Christmas Dinner. My way of coping with this? Lists. Lots of lists. There is a list for the Christmas food order, a list of presents, a list of decorations, and a list of “others” (buy logs for the fire! Clean the carpet! Take the cat to the vet! Repair EVERYTHING!)

Preparation is key here. I want everybody to feel welcomed, everyone to feel loved, everyone to enjoy the day. Most of all, I want it to be stress-free (yes I realise the irony in this – stressing for weeks so that one day of my life can be without stress!) I am aware, though, that I am likely to be the one causing the stress, what with the lists and the demands and the organising. If I am not careful there will be a schedule for Christmas day and it will all be ruined as I maniacally force people to obey it – “you are not allowed a mince pie until after the christmas carols and before opening the presents!” (Pray for me!)
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