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Wait – Advent Post #1

I went back to my home church to preach for the first time in months yesterday. It was the first Sunday of Advent and our theme was “wait.”  I had intentionally written a preach that was personal and which, to me, felt quite vulnerable because I included some stories about how things have been for me over the last few months with my mum’s stroke and being away from home. I talked about what waiting in the hospital relatives’ room felt like, what waiting for mum to come home felt like. I asked the question: What does waiting for God feel like?

I think waiting is an interesting concept because it feels so different depending on what you are waiting for.

There are different types of waiting. There is waiting for a bus. Which feels different to waiting for a flight that is delayed. Which feels quite different to waiting for the flight bringing a loved one home for Christmas.

There is waiting for the summer holidays, and waiting for exam results. Waiting for someone to open the gift you carefully picked for them and waiting for the Christmas pudding to soak up enough brandy.

There is waiting for a cure. There is waiting for justice.

But how does it feel to be waiting on God? Is it more like the summer holidays or the GCSE results? If you knew that God was coming tomorrow, how would you feel about it? And what would it look like? What would He look like?


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